Projektbild_ModingarnaModingarna och alfabetet is our first app project. It is a gender neutral children’s alphabet game (in Swedish) based and expanded upon a children’s book by Annelie Salminen and Ida Rosén Branzell. The app was commissioned by Annelie Salminen and produced by Mu AB and Klas Ehnemark under the joint brand Yetobi. Modingarna och alfabetet is available on the app store.



Modingarna och alfabetet is part of a bigger project led by Annelie Salminen involving the Modingarna Alphabet song, educational material and workshops and lectures around issues of gender, gender expression and sexual orientation (such as rainbow families, representation and LGBTQ knowledge) for preschool staff. The book Modingarna och alfabetet is available through bookstores and AS Förlag.


Modingarna_Preview_02 Modingarna_Preview_03 Modingarna_preview_04 Modingarna_Preview_05

Concept, script and production: Annelie SalminenAS Förlag
Illustrations: Ida Rosén Branzell
Sign language film: Vega Ranstam, MegaVega
Movement film: Mia Björkström, AiM Produktion
Musician: Magda Andersson
Singer: Tina Wilhelmsson
Game Voice: Aleksa Lundberg
App development + graphic design: Igor Isaksson and Klas Ehnemark, Yetobi
Music production – song: Björn Thunell, Crossroads Music
Music production – game: Klas Ehnemark
Print: Tobias Gustavsson, Motherdesign
Press: Jessica Lykk Forsling, Presshjälpen
Photo: Sofia Kits, Feministfotografen