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Projects for Swedish Radio | SR

There’s a case to be made that the exclamation point is the adverb of punctuation; if you have to put it in, then maybe the sentence didn’t do its job : Meg Wolitzer
SR c

Graphic design and Flash programming of the first six issues of the experimental web radio channel/magazine SR c at Swedish Radio, a project initiated and led by Marie Wennersten/SR. The projects six first thematic issues were awarded first place and Gold Diploma in the 2003 Kolla! design competitions web and multimedia class.


SR Minnen Flyer

Flyer/Poster for SR Minnen, the Swedish Radio Archive Channel.


SR Minnen

Web site design of SR Minnen, the Swedish Radio archive channel web site. No longer in use.


SR c Flyers

Graphic design of flyers for SR c, an experimental web radio “sound-periodical”. For Swedish Radio.