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Graphic Design

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MAMA - Magazine for Modern Architecture

Graphic design of MAMA – Magazine for Moderna Architecture.


Att vara arkitekt kan vara att…

Grafisk formgivning Bengt Lindroos bok

Graphic Design of book about renowned Swedish architect Bengt Lindroos for Arkitektur Förslag. Text by Bengt Lindroos, edited by Matilda Stannow. The book received Silver in the class for Book Design in the 2009 Swedish Design Awards.


Ouaga Girls

Graphic Design - Film Poster Ouaga GirlsGraphic Design of poster for Theresa Traore Dahlbergs documentary film Ouaga Girls. A film about a group of young women from Ouagadougou who study at a girl school to become auto mechanics. The classmates become their port of safety, joy and sisterhood, all while they are going through the life changing transition into becoming adults in a country boiling with political changes..



Grafisk profil Riksidrottsmuseet, Logo

Mu ab, through Ilkka Isaksson and Igor Isaksson, developed The National Sports Museum visual identity as part of the assignment to head design of all permanent exhibitions and public areas for the new museum.


Swedish Crime Scenes

Swedish Crime Scenes

Swedish Crime Scenes is a banner (roll-up) exhibition designed for the Swedish Institute. The exhibition presents 21 Swedish crime fiction authors and also the Swedish landscape where their stories take place. Graphic Design and Illustration (photo collages).


Logo SVL

Logotype for Stadsbibliotekets Vänner Lysekil (Friends of Lysekil City Library).



Graphic Design of poster for Bosse Lindquists documentary film Give Us the Money. The film takes the viewer behind the scenes of the global campaigns of the rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof, exploring how celebrity is used as currency in the world of humanitarian aid.


The Guerilla Son

Movie Poster and print materials for The Guerilla Son, a film by David Herdies and Zanyar Adami / Momentofilm. Graphic design and illustration. Graphic concept in cooperation with David and Zanyar.


RW2012 Graphic design

The exhibition To me there´s no other choice – Raoul Wallenberg 1912-2012 honours Raoul Wallenberg and his work to save jews from the Holocaust at the end of World War II. It is produced by the Swedish Institute on behalf of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in collaboration with the Living History Forum. It was inaugurated at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest on 17 January 2012 in the presence of the Swedish and Hungarian Foreign Ministers.
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Ralph Erskine – Home and studio



Book on architect Ralph Erskine

Graphic design of book on Ralph Erskine by Geoff Denton (text and photo).


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