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The tie goes to the runner : Baseball
Bibliotheca Non Grata


Projektbild_BNG4Bibliotheca Non Grata is a public art project by artist Måns Wrange and architect Igor Isaksson, commissioned by the city of Umeå in Sweden, in memory of journalist, activist and author, Stieg Larsson’s work for democracy and free speech as well as against discrimination and racism.



Ombud is a combination think tank and creative studio and is organized as an open network of people from the fields of science, media, politics and the arts. Ombud was founded in 1999 by the artist Måns Wrange and the architect and designer Igor Isaksson.



Sound and video installation at the Swedish Architecture Museum in Stockholm. Part of Revision: MAMA on the construction of history (2004). In cooperation with Beeoff through Olle Huge, Tomas Linell and Mikael Scherdin. Programming and soundscape by Tomas Linell. A real time generated video stream was projected on the inside of the drop. The stream consisted of material from the architectural offices of White Arkitekter and Nyréns Arkitekter. See also the article ARKDOK 2.0 (in Swedish).


To See for Your Self



To See for Your Self, installation at the Swedish Architecture Museum.

Installation at Room on the Run, the 1998 inaugural exhibition at the new Swedish Architecture Museum. In cooperation with Petter Aaro, Camilla Schlyter Aaro and Lena Nordin.

The installation was a comment on the virtual architecture of tomorrow. Mu was invited as one of four constellations, the other being Pehr Mårtens, Stefan Alenius and Jan Angbjär and SANAA / Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa. Sound by Jan Liljekvist. Textile works by Ulrika Wedin. Photos by Michael Perlmutter.