The touring exhibition Visual Voltage – A design and art perspective from Sweden enabled visitors to explore various forms of electricity, and to experience and reflect on energy consumption. The exhibition presented concepts and prototypes which are results of several years of interdisciplinary research at the Interactive Institute as well as art installations. Exhibition design and exhibition production together with Leo Thafvelin/Leo T AB for the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute. Find more on the exhibitions graphical design here.


The exhibition included innovative works by the design group Front and artists Tina Finnäs, Nils Edvarssson and Steven Dixon/Tore Nilsson. It was exhibited 2008-2010 in Beijing, Berlin, Bryssels, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington. Find out more about the exhibition at


Photos by Interactive Institute, Tina Finnäs, Johan Redström, Erik Sjödin and Per Erik Adamsson..

The exhibition was designed to be easy to build and transport and adaptable to different showing settings. A visual manual (samples below) accompanied the exhibition to facilitate on site.



Utställningsformgivning för Svenska institutet och Interaktiva institutet av Mu AB och Leo T AB.