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Exhibition Design

Do, or do not. There is no “try” : Yoda
Djuret Människan / NRM

Permanent exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Natural History about evolution and the human as a mammal among others. Design by Igor Isaksson and Ilkka Isaksson / Mu in colloboration with Leo Thafvelin / Leo T AB. 600 square meters. Above a whale heart “sofa”/sound installation in scale 1:1.


Lakrits (Liqourice)

The exhibition Lakrits (Liquorice) at the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm showcases everything about Liqourice – from the metres-long underground roots of the plant to liquorice’s role in popular lore and medicine to nostalgia for old-fashioned sweets and liquorice shots. Exhibition Design by Mu AB through Ilkka Isaksson and Ulrika Wedin.



Mu ab, through Ilkka Isaksson and Igor Isaksson, was head designers for the exhibitions and public areas of the National Sports Museum in Stockholm (1 800 square meters). We also developed the museums new visual identity.

RW2012 Exhibition

The exhibition To me there´s no other choice – Raoul Wallenberg 1912-2012 honours Raoul Wallenberg and his work to save jews from the Holocaust at the end of World War II. It is produced by the Swedish Institute on behalf of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in collaboration with the Living History Forum. It was inaugurated at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest on 17 January 2012 in the presence of the Swedish and Hungarian Foreign Ministers.
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Visual Voltage

The touring exhibition Visual Voltage – A design and art perspective from Sweden enabled visitors to explore various forms of electricity, and to experience and reflect on energy consumption. The exhibition presented concepts and prototypes which are results of several years of interdisciplinary research at the Interactive Institute as well as art installations. Exhibition design and exhibition production together with Leo Thafvelin/Leo T AB for the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute. Find more on the exhibitions graphical design here.



SloMo is a slow motion interactive video installation at the M7 building in Stockholm by the Interactive Institute’s John Paul Bichard and Magnus Jonsson, where passers by are invited to record a three second video clip. Instantaneously, the clip is converted to a 36 second slow motion video portrait that is streamed to screens around the building. Installation Design and Graphic Design by Mu AB.




Sound and video installation at the Swedish Architecture Museum in Stockholm. Part of Revision: MAMA on the construction of history (2004). In cooperation with Beeoff through Olle Huge, Tomas Linell and Mikael Scherdin. Programming and soundscape by Tomas Linell. A real time generated video stream was projected on the inside of the drop. The stream consisted of material from the architectural offices of White Arkitekter and Nyréns Arkitekter. See also the article ARKDOK 2.0 (in Swedish).



Concept illustrations for new exhibitions and public spaces for the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.


To See for Your Self



To See for Your Self, installation at the Swedish Architecture Museum.

Installation at Room on the Run, the 1998 inaugural exhibition at the new Swedish Architecture Museum. In cooperation with Petter Aaro, Camilla Schlyter Aaro and Lena Nordin.

The installation was a comment on the virtual architecture of tomorrow. Mu was invited as one of four constellations, the other being Pehr Mårtens, Stefan Alenius and Jan Angbjär and SANAA / Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa. Sound by Jan Liljekvist. Textile works by Ulrika Wedin. Photos by Michael Perlmutter.